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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Due to the idiots that are allowed to use the internet:

If you happen to stumble upon my Blog, I ask that these few and simple rules are followed.

#1. Read, enjoy, leave comments at will.

#2. I like comments, and I like lots of them, but I ask you not put false info in the fields. If you have no URL, leave it blank.

#3. There are 3 ways to contact me in the upper corner (AOL, ICQ, and e-mail) if you feel that I am the coolest thing since hoola and hoop, and you feel the need to let me know, utilize the info. (my e-mails can be better than the posts)

#4. If you do not have a sense of humor and can not take the mildest joke or you don't think midgets are the slightest bit funny, (what the hell is wrong with you) you probably should leave as well, for there is nothing here for you anyway.

#5. I am not forcing you to read this, if something upsets you, simply hit the cute little arrow in the top left corner and go back to whence you came. I live in America and I can say what ever the hell I please here.

#6. If you feel that this 1st Admendment right applies to you here as well, you are right. However, I have the power to delete and edit you, and this process generally leaves you looking like an idiot.

#7. If something bothers you so much, that you feel you are going to explode into a violent rage and club innocent seals if you don't bitch me out for it, feel free to send me an email. I would enjoy keeping the (mean, non funny) profanity off my site. Not all my readers enjoy it. And I really do enjoy e-mail.

#8. If I say something, that really does bother you, just email me and let me know, my intent is not to piss people off, I am simply here for my own amusement and boredom, and can alter what I speak about if I truly am offensive. If you have an ounce of maturity this is how you would handle it anyway, as opposed to leaving mean comments in posts that are a month old, with fake email addresses.

#9. I realize that I only have a handful of readers, but they have been reading for awhile and I appreciate you not being mean to them. I consider them my friends in cyberspace and will be willing to fight for them if necessary. (well i am not really a fighter but I will do my best to make you look like a blubbering idiot).
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